Ultrasound is a pain-free totally non-invasive technique that uses high-frequency sound to produce a real-time image of your pets internal organs.  Often considered more exact than radiographs ultrasound provides a movie of a what is happening inside you pet's body.

Laser Therapy 


The Lab

An Electrocadiogram (ECG) is a graph of the heart's electrical current, which allows evaluation of the heart rate, rythem and conduction.  Identification of conduction problems within the heart begins with a general understanding of the heart's anatomy conduction system and how the electrical activity corresponds to waveforms on an ECG.


Services ​

Radiographs (x-rays) are extremely helpful for diagnosing and monitoring many medical and surgical conditions.  X-rays are useful in examining your pets bones, lungs, heart, abdomen, oral cavity another areas of the body.  

Archvet Animal Hospital uses the latest in digital radiology equipment as part of your pet's diagnostic care.  Most radiographs are interpreted immediately by our experienced veterinarians.  In complicated cases, your pets radiographs are emailed to area radiology specialists for a timely second opinions.  

Helps you pet heal with therapy laser therapy, Drug free, surgery free.  Therapy lasers have been scientifically proven and successful in treating post-surgical pain and many acute and chronic conditions. 

Diagnostic Services




Performing preventative medicine as well as diagnosing emergent internal health issues requires the ability to perform a wide range of laboratory test on blood, urine, feces and biopsied tissues.  

ARCH Veterinary Hospital, has partnered with a nation wide laboratory to offer every diagnostic test available.   In addition we offer in house blood test.  This allows us to identify any abnormalities in blood within 20 minutes.